Production- 3 main cells from storyboard

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064 (1)

The image is upside down for some bizarre reason. But either way it is the 3 main scenes in the story. The start, middle and end. The first cell is the group walking into the Westgate mall before the attack. The next cell is Aiki being ordered to shoot a small girl in the mall and the final cell is Aiki leaving the Westgate mall near the end of the attack.


Production- storyboard Revised

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These are the revised and re drawn storyboards for production. It starts on the left image first and then continues to the next image on the right.

Production – story board

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065    this is the first initial storyboard for the production lessions

Production- Character design for Aiki

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First character design for Aiki.


Production – short story

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I looked down at the small boy at my feet, he was barely even 14 and he was being put into this situation. His name was Akili Wangai and he was a war orphan and was obviously scared but he held his rifle firmly trying to stand tall between the other members of Al-shabaab, as we rushed into the Westgate mall. The order to start shooting came and gun fire tore through the mall, cutting down at least 6 people with in the first volley. It was 11:30am and already 6 people have been mowed down by our gun fire. Akili was firing his rifle, but was shaking so much he couldn’t hit anything. Then another order was yelled as we pressed on through the centre of the mall, it was for Akili, myself and another member to go to the shop we rented in the mall to get more ammo for the main group.

We split off from the main group and headed for the store which was on the second floor. We rounded one of the corners of the mall and was faced with a weeping child, clutching, what I assumed to be her mother, a dead body. Akili was told by the other member to fire. Akili raised the rifle slowly aiming for the girl’s head, to which she looked straight at him, before he squeezed the trigger. There was a bang, then nothing. Akili had missed the girls head and hit her in the neck, but only just. She grabbed her throat trying to scream for help but nothing came out. Her mouth was full of blood. The girl stumbled around gasping for air then slumped to the ground over her mother’s corpse, then continued to convulse on the ground, till the light in her eyes died out.

I stood looking at Akili reaction more than the girl. He looked like he was about to cry, I shot a look at the other member. Who looked to be smiling at what had just transpired. I tapped Akili on the shoulder and gestured for us to press on. As we ran down the street like corridors of the mall, Akili turns to me and says “she looked like my sister.” Then wiped his eyes and ran to catch up with the other member. I stopped momentarily, tiring to understand how a boy so young could end up in this environment, with all the killing and anger.

We could see the shop the group had rented a few weeks back with the fake ID’s. As we passed a shop on the end of a corridor, bullets firing out nearly hitting me and Akili, luckily Akili was small for his age and managed to miss being hit with a bullet. The other member that was traveling with us wasn’t so lucky. He was hit in the chest multiple times. As he died he managed to pull the pin of a grenade and throw it towards the armed police in the store. I told Akili to run to the shop and don’t stop till he reaches it. I soon followed quickly after Akili. I didn’t look back but I could hear the explosion and screams of the armed police being hit with the shrapnel.

We slid into the shop, Akili still shaken from the shooting of that little girl and the grenade that just went off, trying to hold back tears so that he could carry on with the mission. We both began to load up rucksacks with the ammo need for the others. When I police officer came into the shop and told us to get on the ground and put are hands over our heads. He didn’t last long. I shot him through the top of the head and he dropped to the ground shaking as he did so. Akili looked stunned since it was the first time I had fired a gun while being here. I told Akili to take his gun and ammo and put it in a bag for me, he did so.

As we were on our way back to the others, I looked at Akili and said to give me his rucksack, and run. He asked me why, so u told him that he was too young to be doing this and that he should try and get far away from here as possible. He need to go to a shop and loot the money in the cash register and change his clothes, so that he could walk away from here and start a new life without the murder and violence. He nodded. That was the last time I saw Akili.

This is the first draft of the short story for production, which relates to the story in the new about the WestGate massacre in Kenya, Africa, where a terrorist group invaded the shopping mall and began to fire into the crows killing many. The story follows a young boy associated with the terrorist group. The story is told through the eyes of another member of the group following the young boy.

Production – Photoshop Airbrushing

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This is done in photoshop tutorial on Mondays. I learnt a few things about airbrush techniques, even if only basic stuff. I found that it will be useful in the future for any models i may need to airbrush, to fit in with the piece i may be doing the future. Most of the things i learnt in this session i had prier knowledge off, but never used as it was never need. But it was nice to have a re cap of thing and how they can be used.  Spot heal tool and the hue changer were a new way of work as before i just used the clone tool and some of my past work always looked a little smudged or out of focus, as the clone tool just pushed the pixels around and never got to work how i wanted them too.

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