How i think about…. 1

May 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

How I think about ambiguity of play.


The Ambiguity of play is a book written by Brian Sutton-Smith expressing how play is an adaptation, which teaches us skills and abilities to apply in later life. He states that Daydreaming is our way of playing with art. That it is we that are imagining things the way we see them in our art. Or is it just frivolity. That it is merely a person painting something because they want to. I think that play is a loose word which Brian Sutton-Smith uses to express how humans learn through doing. An example is that when someone asks what someone else is doing, they reply with “oh, I’m just messing/playing around with it.” It referring to whatever they are making/doing. Play is our way of learning without having a direct goal. With art, we can spend hours in a room with nothing but a desk and just draw all day, with no real goal in what we want to achieve by the end. So with a person just “playing” with techniques, variations and methods. They are able to develop new ways or easier ways of doing something. We learn through playing. I feel that it is in human nature to create something purely from out imagination as it gives us creative freedom allowing for some truly amazing works of art to be produced. Play allows us freedom to express what we want and to work how we want, even if there is no end goal in sight. But then again what is play and what is work? As artists shouldn’t our work be play? And our play is work? We are artists we should be doing what we love and be able to play, all the while producing work. Our work should be our play. It should be things we enjoy doing. If we enjoy doing it and put everything we have into doing it. Only then can we truly master our craft and be able to charge for our work. But first we must play and be prepared to fail in a chance to learn. No one is an amazing artist instantly. We must develop and learn before finally mastering our craft and being able to create stunning artwork, which then can be sold. We as artists should enjoy what we do and what makes us happy and show that in what we create. And we should find that the people that want to purchase our work share the same interests and enjoy the same things we do.



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