How i think about…. 2

May 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

How I think about modernity.


Modernity is described by Barker (2005) as being a post-traditional, post-medieval historical period, one marked by the move from feudalism (or agrarianism) toward capitalism, industrialization, secularization, rationalization, the nation-state and its constituent institutions and forms of surveillance. In the terms of art, and artwork, there comes a point in history where art becomes more modernised. And I don’t mean in what we choose to draw, paint, write or create but in how we go about it. For example, Daniel Chorny was a 13th century monk who was a icon painter. His method was to pain staking hand paint a portrait or icon depicting a lord or group of lords. Yes, His work is amazing, but if put into a modern setting with access to modern equipment, his job would have been so much easier. What I’m trying to say is that, it is not art that is becoming more modern but they way we go about creating art. Examples being the creation of Photoshop, illustrator and graphic tablets. Also how we view and see art, like years ago images where put on posters and in books to convey messages to people who couldn’t read. Now we use more modern methods to convey messages, such as advertising on TV, cinema, books, magazines, internet. These are ways of communicating art in modern way. However modernity could be seen as being gendered, more particularly gendered towards men. That in modern society men holds all the power. And although women’s rights have changed a lot throughout the modern era, it is still a male dominated society. To link this to art, more male modernist artists work is accepted than women’s work. However this was around the time of the industrial revelation. Which saw a change in how we created things. Not just in making goods in factories but how we created art. Rather sat in a dusty studio for hours, hand-painting everything, now it was easier to mass produce work to be sold, viewed and used in the industry. L.s.Lowly is described as being a great modernist painter as his style of painting is very unique, and depicts the lifestyle and industrial revolution of his period of time. Lowly’s work is able to express how vital the industrialisation and modernity was to not just art but also society. His work showed that as the world become more modernised that art, the way we view and create art will continue to adapt and change to fit the context of what society deems as being modern.



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