How i think about….. 3

May 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

How I think about semiotics.



Semiotics, also know as semiology is the study of meaning making. This also means it is the study of signs, indication, designation, likeness, analogy, metaphor, symbolism, signification, and communication. Which means that semiotics is closely related to linguistic, which is a study of language. Semiotics plays a large part in our culture as it helps to create visual language that can be interpreted by anyone. For example, on bathroom doors there is a stick-man or stick-woman. These symbols can be read and interpreted by anyone, as they are a universal visual language that everyone knows. It works the same with branding, if the artist or graphic design creates a image for the product that is memorable and can be understood in this visual language. Then people recognise this sign/symbol and relate it to the product meaning that they can identify the brand without even seeing the product. An example would be the M for Mc Donald’s, its a well know brand and when anyone sees the big yellow M they associate it with food. The same goes with the packaging. If the Graphic designer has created a packaging with a good use of visual language to communicate what is in the box and from which company, then it is more likely to be seen, used and bought by the public. This can be through colour. For example colour coding the boxes of the different food types to show what goes in what box. The most common colour signage is blue and red to differentiate between hot and cold. Semiotics isn’t just used in signs to convey meaning or instructions. A lot of artists also use semiotics in their work, to invoke powerful meanings or messages to there intended audience. Such as a photographer will use symbols and colours in their work to convey mean like having a woman in a photo with green hair could mean jealousy or nature. It would all depend on the context it was meant to have and how well the artist could communicate that with their target audience. I personally think that Semiotics or Semiology is one of the most used and useful studies that exist as everything we create is a symbol or sign, which can be interpreted by many people in many different ways and as artists we strive to show people our art. And with showing them our work, hope that we have communicated what we wanted to and that these people understand our art and us.



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