Manifesto review 1

May 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

Manifesto 1#

 The Designer: John Maeda – The Laws of Simplicity.

 In this manifesto of 100 pages, Maeda elaborates on 10 laws for business, design and life. The first being to Reduce, meaning the simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction. That to create something simplistic we must put thought in how to reduce the clutter and how removing it will create the best result. Maeda 4th law is to Learn, Knowledge makes everything simpler. Which makes total sense since the more we know the more knowledge we can put into our work. It also means we understand more which makes difficult tasks, that we may face in our work or life easier to overcome. Since we will have more knowledge of how to deal with it, from past encounter with similar problems. John Maeda 9th point was Failure, some thing can never be made simple. I found that with my work, that this is true. I had some difficulty with some of the more technical aspects of my work and no matter what you do it can never be made simple. However Maeda idea that thing can never be made simple is not always true, as it is possible to make most if not all simpler. And this could be life or with art. My final point with John Maeda’s manifesto is number 10, The One, Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful. Now Maeda’s point is great and I think it make its reader think about life and art a bit more. Subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful is an amazing sentence as it create a great visual image of taking out obvious part to life and works art, and adding more meaning to you life and your work. Make people really think about your work and what it means to them. Adding the meaningful makes your work have multiple meaning to different people and viewers. However John Maeda’s manifesto about the laws of simplicity is amazing and a really good read. It makes you think about not just how you could improve your work but with how to improve your life with the laws of simplicity.




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