Manifesto review 2

May 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

manifesto 2#

 Charlie sheen’s manifesto

 I understand that Charlie sheen isn’t seen as being a artists in the sense that he paints, but technically speaking that acting is a art form, so I thought that it would apply. But since a manifesto is something that you can apply to life not just art, some of his points make sense to me. Now Charlie sheen isn’t completely right in the head but some of his points do make sense, No Panic, No judgement. Now that is the first part to his manifesto and to me it makes sense as the more you panic about life, work, love the more stressed out you tend to be and the less likely for you to produce good work. the second part about no judgement could be taken one of a few ways. But the way choose to understand it, it means that you shouldn’t pass judgement on people if your not will to judge yourself. Now that applied to art could be don’t judge others work if yours is the same. Another of Charlie Sheen’s points is number 6. Either Love, or hate. But you must do so violently. This doesn’t make much sense till you think how Charlie Sheen thinks. I think he means that whatever you do, you must do with passion, as only we are the one that want it this bad that we must do anything to achieve our art/goal. However some of Charlie sheen’s manifesto is completely mental such as Leave marriage to the amateurs and the bible grippers. That is his 2nd point of his manifesto. Now, to me that makes no sense. I think it is more to do with his personal view of life than anything else. But i realised everyone has a personal manifesto of which they live by. It makes them, them. If his view is that marriage doesn’t suit his life style then it doesn’t. Its just how he chooses to live his life. Another point of Charlie Sheen’s manifesto is the 4th which ties in with the first. You have the right to kill, but you do not have the right to judge. The part about the right to kill is debatable. But the part about no right to judge is right. You can’t judge people or other peoples work without first looking at yourself





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