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I looked at 3 different styles of typography as well as 3 existing pieces of work with interesting typography on them. i looked at Beethoven, Utopia by Oskar schlemmer and then Josef muller brockmann, who i have previously looked in my A levels. I used only the first 3 letters of the alphabet in upper and lower case to test out 3 different ways of creating a type face. My favourite so far that actually looks half decent is my Beethoven one which is mostly curves. However the utopia one could be fun since there is no correct way of making the letters as it is suppose to be disabled and random. My attempt at Brockmann’s work didn’t work out so well i think it was a bit odd to draw everything like a net.


12 prinicples of animation

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Jay’s lesion was on the 12 principles of animation. This is 12 ideas of how objects should move within animation. Each stage of the 12 principles is different. The  first being squash and stretch, which allows the animator to show weight behind an object, for example within after effects the less dots on the movement line for the object the quicker it is moving, so if the object is falling if there are less dots on the movement line then it gives the impression that the object is heavier than an object which falls slower ( having more dots on the movement line). In the lesion with jay, after effects has a few already set up which are; liner spacing, slow in, slow out, slow in – slow out. Each is different, slow in has close together dots at the start of the movement line then further apart ones towards the end. To change the movement speed of the object you right click and press change keyframe and select from the options it provides. I think that the pdf jay has provided for the 12 principles of animation will be useful in coming projects. I’ve still not got the hang of using after effects but like everything else its is just practise and experience.

illustrator Pen outline

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In Steve Calcutt’s lecture today, we looked at illustrator, which I think is an amazing program but I find difficult to use since I usually work in photoshop. We looked at using the pen tool to outline a portrait. Using the pen tool we would go round the outline of the image of marlin Monroe, and use 3 different lines for her face, hair, and body. We did the face first since its a easier start point to get the rest of the body and hair into position and proportion. I found that the pen tool is useful but also that its not quite as accurate in getting the right shapes of things, its fine for a rough outline but not really much more.

AE Pin puppets

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Creating the puppets walk and run cycle was quite easy even in after effects. Simply I had done a animated walk cycle in Photoshop in the previous project which was the street art. With that I had created a drawn walk cycle and a bounce cycle for a paint blob. Working in after effects using pin puppets was quite different but it did make creating the walk or run cycle easier as I didn’t have to draw out each and every cycle, I was able to re use the puppet. I’m still not sure if I like using after effects for animation as it does look over complicated to use but I guess that would change over time with more use and practise. I think I enjoy drawing the character continuously as it allows me to practise drawing and re drawing characters in different positions of movement. However After effects has its upsides to animation since it makes it easier to create the walk or run cycle without taking the time to draw every cell.

Production- 3 main cells from storyboard

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The image is upside down for some bizarre reason. But either way it is the 3 main scenes in the story. The start, middle and end. The first cell is the group walking into the Westgate mall before the attack. The next cell is Aiki being ordered to shoot a small girl in the mall and the final cell is Aiki leaving the Westgate mall near the end of the attack.

Production- storyboard Revised

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These are the revised and re drawn storyboards for production. It starts on the left image first and then continues to the next image on the right.

Production- Character design for Aiki

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First character design for Aiki.


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