Production – Final lesson with Steven

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Todays first lesson on a monday morning was with Steven, in which we looked at adobe acrobat pro and how to convert our work to it and then in adobe acrobat fix any problems that may have cropped up. For example Steven was talking about  spot colours which can cost a client hundreds of pounds extra for a custom slide being made for the print.  He said that it can easily be fixed through adobe acrobat as it is possible to convert the whole document into CYMK rather than have it in RGB or another type. It was quite interesting to see partly into the printing industry and that how one over looked spot colour can cost hundreds of pounds to create. 


Production – Iconography

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my idea for the iconography project is to do the story of the St Patrick’s day parade in new york that kept gay and lesbian groups out of the parade. Its quite a serious matter, but my idea is to re tell the story with as few icons as possible and it still make sense. I’m going to try and use quite a already popular style. (pixel) A sort of old mario style where the characters are broken down into simple pixels. I hope that it will give it a fun, childish feel, but still keeping the serious issue of gay/lesbian rights.  

jay’s Production

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I rather enjoyed jay’s tutorial this morning on Cinema 4D keyframes. On how to move simple shapes/objects into an animation. Although they are basic shapes, i might want to try and develop a more complicated shape to move with Cinema 4D, as it is a piece of software that i would like to game more experience with. Maybe use in another brief if i get a chance. Also there is a video for this but for some reason as wordpress has been updated i cant seem to upload the video. I’ll try again in a later post.

Production, typography

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Now i’m not a massive fan of typography, i rather hate it. But i found it to be rather enjoyable creating my own type face. The first scans of my hand drawn are already on here, next is to complete a digital version, on illustrator another program i’m not familiar with. May need to look at some how to vids on youtube, and redo Steven’s lesions on how to use illustrator. (Monday 24th march) 

Workshop week

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I know its a little late but recently, (last week), on Monday i took part in a workshop called Character design and Retopology. Hosted by Nolan Rowles, Who has experience working in the games industry as well as Tv and Film for 3D animation and character development, along with many other things. I learnt alot about the industry from Nolan Rowles, like working as a team to complete projects and the constant re drawing of concepts and 3D models till the client is happy. That and that using the likeness of a famous person can have complications, even if its a game about them playing a particular character. Nolan’s example was a James Bond game with Daniel Craig being James Bond. It took a couple of re draws or modelling till Daniel Craig’s image team were happy with the outcome. I defiantly want to look more into 3D Modelling  and maybe have a play around in 3Ds Max.

Oh, and happy st Paddy’s day :)


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I decided to extend the Beethoven one, to include A to T, all in upper case as doing both upper and lower would make it look messy and would take longer to create. So far they don’t look that bad, i think maybe re draw L, E, F, Q, T, O, R  as there just not working with the rest of the group.


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I looked at 3 different styles of typography as well as 3 existing pieces of work with interesting typography on them. i looked at Beethoven, Utopia by Oskar schlemmer and then Josef muller brockmann, who i have previously looked in my A levels. I used only the first 3 letters of the alphabet in upper and lower case to test out 3 different ways of creating a type face. My favourite so far that actually looks half decent is my Beethoven one which is mostly curves. However the utopia one could be fun since there is no correct way of making the letters as it is suppose to be disabled and random. My attempt at Brockmann’s work didn’t work out so well i think it was a bit odd to draw everything like a net.